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Benchmarking Analysis

Benchmarking made simple

The analysis-one benchmarking tools provide a flexible framework for comparative analysis. Models created may be grouped into a ‘comparative pool’ for benchmarking analysis. This provides a way to calculate your own benchmarks! For example, consider a franchisor who wishes to benchmark the performance of all franchise operations. Analysis-one provides a framework to not only manage and monitor franchise performance, but also identify the relative performance of each franchise. Benchmarking visualisations highlight on a per metric basis, whether operations are performing as expected (within the ‘tramlines’), exceeding expectations or performing poorly.

Calculate key statistics, including mean, standard deviation, variance, range (min and max) for financial and non-financial (KPIs) metrics. Perform 'exception analysis’; identify businesses performing outside the range of expected performance.
Highlight (‘flag’) a specific business or assess a business’s position within the comparative pool. Easily sort the comparative pool according to rank and exclude outliers, if required.
Identify which businesses are achieving a minimum Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) greater than their cost of capital (WACC) with ROCE Analysis.

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