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Business Valuation

Protect and maximise enterprise value

Analysis-one provides a framework of tools which assess if the business value is being created or destroyed. Analysis-one utilises the business’s historical financial data and key forecast assumptions to calculate business value. Business valuations are performed using either a Free Cash Flow Valuation (FCF) or Future Maintainable Profits (FMP) accounting valuation methodology. By measuring what really matters, business value, analysis-one assists decision makers to develop strategies to protect and maximise enterprise value.

Shareholder Value Analysis (SVA) tools assess if value is being created or destroyed.
Beta Factor Assessment tool and the Cost of Capital tools assist with the calculation of a business’s weighted average cost of capital (WACC).
The Economic Profit tool evaluates the extent to which the returns on cash inputs, which have been committed to the creation of outputs, exceed the cost of those inputs.

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