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Financial Analysis

Understand your numbers

Most businesses produce monthly and annual financial statements in order to comply with tax and other record keeping requirements, yet financial statement analysis is often overlooked or not performed on a systematic and timely basis so as to gain valuable insight into the financial performance of the business. Other businesses seek to interpret and assess their financial statements however do not have the tools to do so. To assist decision makers, analysis-one provides a structured framework of financial analysis tools to analyse financial statements and deliver actionable insight to make the best use of the available information.

Financial ratio analysis is employed for Income Statement Analysis and Balance Sheet Analysis and is incorporated in the Financial Scorecard tool to provide a unique picture of a company's financial position. Key financial ratios measured by analysis-one represent standard performance measures used by the accounting profession on a daily basis, and seek to analyse the income statement and balance sheet from a variety of financial performance perspectives. These include profitability, liquidity, efficiency, asset usage and gearing.

Financial Scorecards assist to monitor performance against specified targets. Performance metrics may be assigned a target value and a weighting, these indicate the importance of the metric. Custom targets may be set to reflect forecast performance or industry best practices.
Financial Ratio Analysis includes supporting financial analysis explanations which assist to understand the critical numbers driving a business.
Scorecards assist to visually identify areas of concern and provide an interpretive overview of the financial health of a business, providing a useful method to communicate performance to all stakeholders.

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