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KPI Analysis

Measure what matters

In addition to measuring financial performance, analysis-one enables the measurement and monitoring of non-financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These KPIs can be customised to suit any specific industry and business. Common KPIs may include client and staff satisfaction, sales conversions, waste, rework and many others. By examining KPIs (lead) performance metrics and financial (lag) performance metrics side-by-side, decision makers are provided a powerful framework for understanding the role ‘lead' indicators play in driving the future financial performance.

Define a custom KPI by specifying a description and unit of measure. Set targets and weightings to then measure and monitor using the KPI Scorecard.
Record commentary about events or actions which have impacted on performance, then document and communicate initiatives undertaken to improve results.
Our experience tells us that if ‘lead indicators’ are measured and managed, the ‘lag indicators’ often take care of themselves.

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